A selfie with my blog!

After few days of gap,here is my next post!!
I am sure you have taken selfie with your friends & family many a times.
As I am not so much crazy about selfie but still sometime I like it.

Generally when do we take selfie? At happy moments.Right!
I am happy with my blog writing,so I thought of taking one selfie with my blog !!:-)
Pls comment if you like it.:-)

Have you ever tried of taking selfie whenever you get bored with your daily routine,office or college?
Do try it some day and look at your selfie.!
If you don’t like your selfie..then take one more until it brings smile on your face!!Don’t mind even if it’s artificial.
Something in you will definitely change and i.e your Expression!:-)

One selfie can make you smile through any difficult situation in life.
Think again!! One selfie can make a difference!:-)
It’s one of the way of handling problem with some style and smile..
You can choose your own unique way!

Be Happy,Stay tune!


The Beautiful ‘No’ in Life!

When you do or don’t do any day to day daily act for your family or friends, just look at your emotion behind that act.
Is it frustration or love or out of laziness or enthusiasm or jealousy ??

Then think Do you behave the same as now with that family member or friend after they die?
Then from the mind, I am sure the answer will pop up …with BIG NO!! This NO is beautiful!!
And then at that moment all anger or hatred or frustration towards that person dies and compassion, forgiveness, kindness all these qualities arise in you. At that moment your act becomes more pure, lovable towards a person.

The core of the heart of every human being is love. If you pay attention to love inside then it doesn’t matter at all how much love we get from outside!

I hope after reading this, next time when you will face the situation or a person, it will be the same yet different!!

what do you think? please comment below!!

Below is my cute, little nephew Adarsh.  I  feel this is the most appropriate picture for this post.

Be happy!!
Premal Samale


The Whats App Break!


Do you all remember the day when & why you started using whats app?…

I still remember the day in year end 2012 when I decided and started using this magical app.Due to busy schedules,we don’t get time to get in touch with old friends.And the main reason I started using whats app is to stay connected..I was happy when I installed app and saw all my friends on app . The main feature on whats app i.e can send  unlimited messages absolutely for  free of cost excited me most!!!  Within a hour I got connected to all my contacts.I was having regret why I started using it late?..how useful it is as whole world is like global village here. I started sending wishes on every festival and jokes on day to day basis.! I was getting replies too from many friends.

My day was getting started with good morning wishes on app and was ending with good night wishes.A year later, I realized my whole world was on whats app. I didn’t even realized how I got dependent on my mobile. In office I could not even imagine a day  without taking ‘ThE WhAtS ApP BrEaK’ means break for checking messages,status & profile pics or just scrolling chat window!I am sure this is happening to many of us..& those friends who are not on whats app ,I was calling them as “not exist on planet earth”..It had became such important and favorites app for me..slowly I found my self getting addicted to app but I was reluctant to accept it. Many of us did not even realized that they are addicted to it.

One day morning when I reached office,suddenly a thought came into my mind..  of taking  Digital fast started with whats app. With this through I was getting so many through like really can I live whole day without checking single message on whats app ? What will happen if someone ping me for urgent and important things and I miss it!! One of my friend even asked me to uninstall app & for me it is like taking out Heart from me and my smartphone!! I couldn’t uninstall it but decided to stay away from it for a day…this small things is enough to realized me that I was having whats app fever  & only way to come out of it is to decide to take  THE WHATS APP BREAK!

Instead of checking chat window ,I started speaking to people around me or started doing some creative things or just spending time with myself..!!I got  idea to write this blog in my THE WHATS APP BREAK! I was free from all the unnecessary things like  what should be my status today..or should I change my profile pic..or  irritatingly scrolling down without reading any messages ! It was then that I started to understand the impact that phone,app notifications and group conversations  was having on me.Living in the moment is definitely more joyful than living online on social media!!

Time to time ,we have to ask  question to ourself.Is ‘Social Media time’ distracting us from ‘Life’?Do we have to be online every day,every hour,every minute?Are we using technology or technology using us ?Are we losing human touch along with excessive use of messenger apps?

what do you think ?pls comment below!!

I hope after reading this,next time when you will take whats app break it will be same yet different!!

Live in the moment!

Cheers!                                                                                                                                                           Premal

New Journey Begins..

Here is my first blog..
Very excited and Happy to Start new journey on social Media!!
Let me share why Blog name Same yet Different!!

First question that v ask to friends after meeting long time …How r u?? Or How’s Life going on??And respond immediately comes.

I will also ask same question to u .but this time just ponder on this for min 5 min…And this time, you will notice reponse is “Same Yet Different”!!
So that’s how I thought to start a blog.
If you can look one way today ,look another way tomorrow..to know all such litte moments in life which makes life same yet different!!

Be happy!!