A selfie with my blog!

After few days of gap,here is my next post!!
I am sure you have taken selfie with your friends & family many a times.
As I am not so much crazy about selfie but still sometime I like it.

Generally when do we take selfie? At happy moments.Right!
I am happy with my blog writing,so I thought of taking one selfie with my blog !!:-)
Pls comment if you like it.:-)

Have you ever tried of taking selfie whenever you get bored with your daily routine,office or college?
Do try it some day and look at your selfie.!
If you don’t like your selfie..then take one more until it brings smile on your face!!Don’t mind even if it’s artificial.
Something in you will definitely change and i.e your Expression!:-)

One selfie can make you smile through any difficult situation in life.
Think again!! One selfie can make a difference!:-)
It’s one of the way of handling problem with some style and smile..
You can choose your own unique way!

Be Happy,Stay tune!


21 thoughts on “A selfie with my blog!

  1. yes.. do agree with u we click wen we r happy but in negative situation if we click it make diffrence.. u can say a small step to change d situation .. πŸ˜‰

    n slowly artificial smile becomes original beautiful smile.. πŸ˜€

    thank you for sharing this….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like this blog so much..
    Very honest writing…. This blog reflects wisdom also…

    I recommend to College students to read it, as they r addicted to selfie… Youth can relate it very well…
    I like the concept – Take selfie, when u get bored… It’s wonderful, Practical n stylish solution to get out of dat bored situation through 1 normal Selfie.

    Premal… One hidden writer is inside you… πŸ‘ Explore that writer.. ☺


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